My Views

I personally am not big on the idea of being a doctor and living a big, big life. Why is that? It is because most doctors I know are actually broke. They make incomes of $200,000 or more and end up living on $190,000 of it, with the other $10,000 going into a whirlpool somewhere. You go to school for basically ten years only to work hard for a bunch of money and live just like everybody, just with more toys and more items. It actually makes me cringe when I think of the lifestyle people tell me ALL THE TIME!

Just be a doctor and you will be able to live your life on a cloud. Just be a doctor and you will be able to live in any house you want, drive any car you want, and never ever have to worry about money again! It is very interesting that I hear stuff like that; it is not inherently bad or inherently good. I just find that it does not mesh with me, because those ideas will leave me struggling like I see my parents do. I see my mother waking up at 5 am just to get to work and basically be slaved away all day. I see my father go to work at 9 am, just to arrive a midnight, tired, drained, and dissatisfied with life. I do not say they are bad; it is just that I do not choose to live that life, because it sounds boring and uninteresting. Staying in the same area with a job that makes me miserable and lifeless does not make me smile at all.

Even when I am with my friends, when they have long, confusing problems and long, confusing stories, it does not sound good for me. I do not like to talk about problems that look tangled, especially when many of my friends go to extra courses in college, just to have some degree to obtain a job that is not as interesting as I thought. There is no need, in my opinion, to have five years of college just to take an entry level position in a bank, in my opinion. I definitely have not applied to a bank before; however, if I could finish college in three years and get to the graduate school that I wanted, then why should I be judge someone for taking five years? I have no right nor reason to brag, because God could get a lightning bolt and STRIKE ME DOWN RIGHT NOW.

I am not playing when I take God seriously, so I do not poke fun at others, because guess what? That is actually their real life and their real situation. Imagine living your life with those people, who have to use the restroom, eat, call others, and deal with other people just like you have to? It can sound depressing, and guess what? It is depressing, so I advise you to not waste your time worrying about what others are doing for a living. If people really want to spend six years in undergrad, then by all means, let them spend six years in undergrad. It definitely does not need to happen like that; however, understand that this is people’s lives that you are talking about. They are not just random people with no feelings. These are people with feeling,s, so make sure you incorporate your opinions on them. IMAGINE IF YOU WERE THAT PERSON WHO YOU THINK OFF CRITICIZING! SERIOUSLY, empathizing and putting your eyes in others, you will go far, so, so far!