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Let us bring up the case of a patient who we really find to be quite interesting. There is a patient that wanted to work with us, even though they wanted to find out why they had lots of pain in her knee. She said that it is not present in her other family members and that she has had this problem for approximately two years as of now. When she mentioned this, I quietly thought it could possibly by gout, because it can be triggered by alcohol (or so I thought). I therefore went to my First Aid book and looked up gout to make sure that I had my symptoms correct. The issue definitely sounded like gout; the only thing is that if it is gout, why would it occur in a patient as young as her (age 22)?

First Aid
First Aid

I concluded that it was gout and had to make sure she was fine, because the last thing I wanted to do is give her the wrong diagnosis. We know very well that we serve to heal patients and let them know what is wrong, so I had to be sure to know what the problem could be! Since I am a medical student, it feels good applying my medical knowledge!

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